Analytic Studies
Analytic Studies Reports

Statistical Abstract 2009-2010

Introduction and Profiles

  • Student Profile
    • Student population of: total and full-time enrollments in the California State University, the University of California, and the California Community Colleges; student enrollments by enrollment status and student level; and descriptive statistics on the individual characteristics of CSU students (age, gender, ethnicity, etc.).
  • New Students
    • New student enrollment of first-time freshmen (FTES) and transfers.

Academic and Support Programs

  • Student Majors
    • Fall 2008 enrollment in undergraduate degree programs.
  • International Programs
    • Support Programs - International Programs. Enrollment and expenditures in International Programs.

Education Access and Outcomes

  • Instruction
    • Information on full-time equivalent student (FTES) enrollment in the California State University for the academic year and college year by campus and level of instruction.


  • Finance
    • Operating expenditures of the CSU.

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