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CSU Off Campus Center Enrollment


June 1993

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Explanatory Notes

1. This report is based on data submitted by campuses in the Enrollment Reporting System (ERS) and is identified as Enrollment Reporting System - Off Campus Centers (ERSO). ERSO is linked to the Enrollment Reporting System - Students (ERSS); for additional information see the ERSS report.

2. Each off campus or branch campus center of the California State University system has been identified in accordance with official recognition by the California Postsecondary Education Commission.

3. Appropriate year, term and campus codes are as defined for the regular ERSS report. The off campus center report (ERSO)must have the same census date as the ERSS report. The ERSO records are linked to the regular ERSS file for the corresponding term.

4. Student credit units reported in the ERSO files are for center units only. These units exclude audit units and units in International Programs abroad.

5. Reporting of the number of units attempted at the off campus center of the CSU for which the student is actively enrolled at the census date by: lower division, upper division, and graduate level courses.

6. Data other than enrollment counts and full time equivalents were obtained by linking and extracting data from the ERSS files from the reporting campuses.

7. Student information on the ERSO file also has been included in the ERSS file for those reporting campuses for the corresponding term without identification as off campus center data.

CSU Off Campus College Year Enrollment, 1992-93

Table of Contents

Table 1. Total Enrollment by Campus and Term for the 1992-93 College Year

Table 2. Total Full-time Equivalent by Campus and Term for the 1992-93 College Year

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