California Higher Education Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Conference

Awards & Recognition

Student Leadership Award

The Student Leadership Award honors students who have been effective leaders in alcohol, tobacco and other drug education and prevention efforts on their campuses. Recipients will have demonstrated creativity in addressing a variety of alcohol, tobacco and other drug-related issues, and a commitment to working with other students to positively shape the campus experience as it relates to alcohol, tobacco and other drug use.

Miss Olivia Hill, CSU, Fullerton displays exemplary leadership and organizational skills and is highly respected by her peers and supervisors.  She has done so much in such a short time that it is difficult to include a comprehensive list here. A few highlights of her achievements at CSU, Fullerton are that she:   has been a member of the Peer Health University Network since September 2013, and as a club member she completed over 80 hours of volunteer work at PHUN campus outreach events, she ran for a leadership position in May 2014 and was elected to be the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Chair for the club, she has presented alcohol education workshops to over 1200 students, and has coordinated two of our largest annual campus events.

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