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1998-1999 Support Book 2 Documentation

Conveyance of the Camarillo Hospital and Developmental Center

In 1996, Governor Wilson convened a special task force to:

  • review the current status of Camarillo State Hospital and Developmental Center;
  • solicit and review detailed proposals for reuse; and,
  • evaluate possible transitional uses or opportunities between government agencies, non-profit organizations and the private sector.

The Task Force recommended that the Camarillo site be turned into a "University Alliance" led by CSU in partnership with local government, community colleges, the private sector and the military. Based on Task Force recommendations, the Trustees of the CSU, through the Chancellor, appointed various staff to a "due diligence" committee chaired by the Senior Vice Chancellor of Business and Finance. The charge to the committee was to review and analyze all ramifications if the CSU were to accept the property.

The committee commissioned a study that assessed the need for higher education in the area, need that could be served by a full campus or an expanded off-campus center. The study found that:

  • both individuals and employers have unmet higher education needs;
  • individuals most in need of additional access to higher education are those unable to leave the area;
  • economics and family responsibilities will require many students to seek higher education in settings close to their homes in order to improve access to a CSU campus.

Based on the report and after discussing reuse and educational service options with state, county and city officials, the other higher education segments, local businesses and private development, CSU has determined an expanded off- campus center is the most feasible use of the Camarillo Hospital site over the next several years. Discussions with the Department of Finance indicate that reuse of the facility is more cost-effective than building a full-fledged campus in the area, as has been authorized by the legislature.

For 1998/99, CSU is prepared to enroll 1,100 FTES at the renovated Camarillo Hospital and has identified funding need of $11.8 million to adequately address the cost of first year operations. Of the $11.8 million, $6.5 million is requested from additional state General Fund revenue. This funding will be used to offset the costs of instruction and support, technology-based equipment, building maintenance and utilities, and debt service for renovations in 1998/99. CSU will fund the remaining costs from current funding and projected lease and development revenues.

The $6.5 million request for state General Fund support is in excess of compact funding and represents the minimum amount of state funding needed. Eventual "build-out" of the expanded off-campus center by 2004/05 will require $25.4 million, based on enrollment of approximately 3,000 FTES. CSU's budget planning for the Camarillo site requires that the additional revenue required for full build-out of the facility come from regular funding for enrollment growth and lease and development revenues generated at the facility. No state supplemental funding above the $6.5 million request for 1998/99 is included in the Camarillo development plan.