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Special Funds: Parking Program

This section identifies those programs supported by special fees assessed to students, faculty and staff receiving the benefits of the programs. Although these programs are not supported explicitly by state appropriations, the funds are classified as public service enterprise funds and are subject to state regulation. All Special Funds programs are controlled by financial and program policies of the Board of Trustees. The purpose of this presentation is to complete the report of proposed financial activity for the 1998/99 fiscal year.

The Parking Program provides campus parking facilities as authorized under the provisions of Section 89701 of the Education Code. The program is self-supporting and derives most of its revenues from parking fees paid by students, faculty, staff and visitors. Additional income is available from interest on retained earnings.

Consistent with the objectives of the Chancellor for increased accountability at the campus levels, actions have been taken to decentralize the parking program. Since July 1, 1995, as parking fee revenue is deposited by campuses to a campus specific parking fund, campuses have the authority to expend those funds directly. Campus spending of the parking fee revenue is restricted to the acquisition, construction and maintenance of campus parking facilities. Revenues for 1998/99 are projected to be $40.2 million.

To facilitate the Trustees' policy of providing adequate parking throughout the system at the lowest possible fee, every effort is made to minimize operating costs. The 1998/99 proposed budget incorporates reimbursements to the General Fund for supervising and dispatching services provided by the campuses. Expenditures relating to utilities, communications and support services provided by the General Fund are reflected as direct or indirect costs, as appropriate.

The California State University had a total of 125,254 temporary and permanent spaces as of July 1, 1997. By the end of the 1998/99 fiscal year, the total usable parking spaces are projected to total 125,664.

Parking Chart