2004/05 Support Budget

Highlights of the 2004/05 Support Budget

Mandatory Cost Obligations

Highlights of the 2004/05 Support Budget

Mandatory costs are the most critical obligations the CSU faces in 2004/05. The university must fund these costs regardless of its' ability to secure additional revenue augmentations. In addition to these mandatory cost obligations that total $57.5 million, the CSU Budget Plan requests increases in the following priority areas:

  • $75,312,000 for 3 percent enrollment growth and student financial aid

  • $102,148,000 for a 4 percent compensation pool for all employees
    effective July 1, 2004

  • $10,000,000 to finance purchase and refresh of technology related network equipment and operations

  • $9,000,000 to address long-term shortfalls in funding for library acquisitions

  • $6,814,000 to continue reductions in the backlog of deferred maintenance

  • $12,596,000 to expand outreach to students for improving access to early assessment and academic preparation programs

  • $35,615,000 to fund first year costs associated with CSU’s plan to increase the percentage of tenure and tenure track faculty

  • $3,000,000 to finance fixed cost needs associated with the enrollment growth at CSU off-campus centers

  • $234,604,000 to restore funding from previous budget reductions to maintain the quality of instruction

Budget Plan

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