2007/08 Support Budget

Budget Challenges

Ongoing Budget Augmentations, $71.7 Million

The CSU’s annual support budget increase is primarily dedicated to serving new students and funding annual base cost increases. These needs are included in the Higher Education Compact. The Compact, however, does not fund new initiatives to address pressing state needs nor does it provide funding for priorities neglected during the recent lean budget years when the legislature directed the CSU to minimize the impact of budget cuts on instructional programs. The additional funding requested in the 2007/08 budget targets these areas.

Supplemental funding is requested in six areas:

FY 2007/08 Supplemental Budget Requests Above Compact

Title Need ($ Millions)
Ongoing Funding  
Applied Research $12.0
Clinical Nursing Support $4.3
Mathematics and Science Teachers $2.0
One Percent Compensation $27.6
Special Education Teachers Initiative $1.2
Student Services Initiative $24.6
Total Ongoing Funding Request $71.7

Detailed Budget Change Proposals (BCPs) describing each of these programs were submitted to the Department of Finance.

One-Time Budget Augmentations

CSU Unmet Needs

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