2008/09 Support Budget I

Support Budget Book II

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The 2008/09 Support Budget Documentation book expands upon the Executive Summary (Book 1) with details regarding the 2008/09 budget proposals within the Higher Education Compact that includes funding for mandatory costs, compensation, enrollment, financial aid, and long-term budget need. The enrollment section includes the marginal cost calculation (MCC) funding per new full-time equivalent student, and the compensation section includes detailed compensation and salary lag funding projections. Also fully described are several CSU budgetary challenges "above Compact" that indicate further CSU 2008/09 fiscal year priorities. In addition, the 2008/09 Support Budget documentation book provides budgetary information of interest that includes the 2007/08 CSU and Comparison Institution Student Fees, Center for California Studies, and Special Funds (e.g. auxiliary programs, parking, housing, and extended education).

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