2009/10 Support Budget I

Highlights Uses of the 2009/10 CSU Support Budget Increase

The 2009-2010 CSU Support Budget increase calls for a $35 million increase for academic technology.
  • $83.5 million in expenditures for 2.5 percent resident enrollment growth (including General Fund and fee revenue)
  • $94.5 million for a 3 percent compensation pool for all employee groups
  • $78.8 million to reduce salary gaps
  • $35 million increase for academic technology
  • $33.5 million for mandatory costs obligations (health and dental benefits, new space, and energy)
  • $6.8 million for financial aid set-aside from enrollment growth revenue
  • $6 million to continue reductions in the backlog of deferred maintenance
  • $3 million to address long-term shortfalls in funding for library acquisitions