2009/10 Support Budget II

Support Budget Book II

The California State University Is Working for California.

The 2009/10 Support Budget Documentation book expands upon the Executive Summary (Book 1) with details regarding the proposed sources and uses of funds in 2009/10. The sources of revenue section includes details on the 4% general fund increase included in the Compact for Higher Education as well as the marginal cost calculation used for enrollment growth funding, and the revenue augmentation needed in lieu of an increase in the State University Fee. The uses of revenue section includes details about mandatory costs, enrollment growth, financial aid, compensation and long-term needs. Additional “above Compact” budget challenges are identified as 2009/10 fiscal priorities and are fully described. Fee waivers, 2008/09 CSU and comparison institution student fees, and special funds including the Center for California Studies, auxiliary programs, parking, housing, and extended education are provided for information purposes.