2011/12 Supplemental Documentation

Financial Aid and Tuition Rates

Financial Aid - State University Grant Funding

General Fund support for the SUG program leveled off at $33.7 million in 1992/93. Absent an increase in state support for the SUG program, in March 1993, the CSU Board of Trustees unanimously approved the framework for a new student fee and financial aid policy that called for dedicating one-third of annual incremental fee revenues to augment the State University Grant (SUG) program.

Annual reviews of campus-reported data on eligible financial aid applicants and recipients are used to determine the number of students who qualify for SUG and the total funding for which they are eligible based on enrollment status and fees paid and the level of their expected family contribution. Preliminary 2009/10 estimates reflect 121,008 CSU students received SUG awards out of 193,070 eligible students.

  2007/08 2008/09 2009/10 Estimated
CSU Tuition Revenue $242,722,000 $279,896,000 $397,926,000 $449,755,000 $472,501,000
State Funds 33,785,000 33,785,000 33,785,000 33,785,000 33,785,000
Total Financial Aid-SUG Funding $276,507,000 $313,681,000 $431,711,000 $483,540,000 $506,286,000