2011/12 Supplemental Documentation

Center for California Studies

Sacramento Semester Internship Program ($50,000)

The Sacramento Semester Program is an undergraduate internship program of CSU, Sacramento which each spring semester places students in a variety of state government and legislative internship positions in Sacramento. Participants earn six units in internship credit plus six units in an accompanying seminar course in state government and politics, which allows participants to integrate their practical internship experience with academic work. The Sacramento Semester Program is open to students from throughout the CSU as well as other universities. Typically, many alumni of the Sacramento Semester Program apply to one or more of the Capital Fellows Programs once they graduate. Participation in the program has declined in recent years. Again, the data indicate the decline is a function of economics. Most CSU students pay for their education by holding part or full time employment. Participating in the Sacramento Semester Program thus demands that a student not only move to Sacramento, but also abandon the very jobs that allow them to attend the university. The funding provides financial aid to approximately fifteen Sacramento Semester students each year totaling $3,600 each (i.e., an amount approximating the tuition, fees, and room and board for one semester at CSU, Sacramento). This enables more students of limited economic resources to participate in the Sacramento Semester Program and, in turn, creates a larger pool for Capital Fellows Programs applicants in the future. Administrative overhead is included.