2011/12 Supplemental Documentation

Uses Of Revenue: New Space

The CSU is scheduled to open a total of 388,880 square feet of new space in 2011/12. Funding of regular maintenance for this new space will be provided at the rate of $9.80/square foot for a total base budget adjustment of $3.8 million. This funding helps cover regular maintenance which includes the cost of utilities, building maintenance, and custodial, landscape and administrative support. In 2011/12 the $9.80 per square foot will sustain an adequate funding base to open and operate a new building and will help mitigate growth in the CSU's deferred maintenance backlog.

The rate of $9.80 per square foot is calculated based on an inflationary factor applied to the prior year's new space funding rate. Current analysis of the data available indicates that the cost standards of $9.80 per square foot for ongoing maintenance (regular maintenance and scheduled repairs) in 2011/12 would be more appropriately budgeted at $11.30 per square foot to recognize the added cost of schedule repairs. Campuses currently use productivity and efficiency management strategies to satisfy a portion of this unfunded need, but they often have to delay scheduled repairs, which only serves to increase the deferred maintenance backlog.

2011/2012 Custodial and Farm Space Summary - New Space Request

Campus Facility
Facility Name Completion
Date (M-Y)
Amount $9.80/ft
Bakersfield 030 Science-Nursing Addition Feb-10 3,106 $30,000
Channel Islands 042 Napa Hall Aug-10 21,106 $207,000
East Bay 045A Parking Services Building Dec-11 1,253 $12,000
Fresno 135T University Modular Oct-10 6,480 $64,000
  301T Peters Temporary Trailers Feb-05 -4,100 -$36,000
        2,380 $28,000
Fullerton 041 Visitor Information Center West Jul-10 220 $2,000
  053F The Gastronome Jul-11 4,675 $46,000
Fullerton-OCC 002 Irvine Campus
(3 Banting)
Dec-10 23,152 $227,000
        28,047 $275,000
Los Angeles 038 Media Studies Building Sep-11 9,598 $94,000
CSU Maritime Academy 004 ABS Lecture Hall Aug-10 217 $2,000
Pomona 052 Commons Building Jun-10 1,280 $13,000
  126 College of Business Administration Feb-12 89,215 $874,000
        90,495 $887,000
Sacramento 037 Del Norte Hall Jul-10 36,000 $353,000
  065 Folsom Hall Jan-10 99,346 $974,000
        135,346 $1,327,000
San Diego 088 Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center Dec-09 36,100 $354,000
San Francisco 022 J. P. Leonard Library Aug-10 40,792 $400,000
San Luis Obispo 187 Simpson Strong—Tie Materials Demonstration Lab Sep-10 7,340 $72,000
San Marcos 063 Public Safety Building Jan-11 13,100 $128,000
      Total 388,880 $3,816,000