2011/12 Supplemental Documentation

Uses Of Revenue: Energy

Energy Cost Increases, $5,500,000

This projection reflects expected increases in utility rates and load growth. The previous year saw a slight decrease in utility expenditures due to staff and faculty furloughs, moderate winter and summer weather, and reduced student enrollment. Natural gas rates remained low due to a lack of demand from the recent economic recession. To facilitate electrical distribution infrastructure improvements, including the installation of smart meters, electric utilities have raised its rates, and increases are expected to continue. Additionally, state budget cuts have severely diminished the university capital program, which combined with class consolidation, increases the energy required to cool classroom space.

  Total Budget Cost Increase Additional Funding Needed
Electricity $88,000,000 3.5% $3,000,000
Natural Gas $33,000,000 2.0% $700,000
Water/Sewer $16,500,000 12.0% $1,800,000
Total Funding Requested $5,500,000