2012/13 Supplemental Documentation

Center for California Studies and Special Funds

Center for California Studies, $3,529,000

Fiscal Year 2012-2013

The Center for California Studies is a unit of the CSU whose mission is to promote understanding of and effective participation in the political and policy processes that govern the State of California. Central to this mission is the administration of the Assembly, Executive, Judicial, and Senate fellows programs and the LegiSchool Project. The fellows programs provide "on the job" experience on the policy-making process to 64 fellows who are studying California government issues at California State University, Sacramento (Sacramento State). At the same time, these students provide valuable services to the legislative, executive and judicial branches of state government. The LegiSchool Project provides high school students a "hands-on" opportunity to participate in legislative debates on issues that directly impact them.

In 2011/12, the State Budget Act included $3,040,000 of funding for the Center. The 2012/13 Support Budget Request includes an expenditure augmentation of $489,000 for a total State appropriation of $3,529,000 in the following program activities:

Center for California Studies - $1,221,000
Capital Fellows Programs - $2,109,000
LegiSchool Project - $55,000
Sacramento Semester Internship Program - $50,000
Faculty Research Fellows Program - $94,000
Total Center for California Studies - $3,529,000

Center for California Studies, $1,221,000

As an education, research and public service unit of Sacramento State, the Center falls under the administrative responsibilities of the College of Social Science and Interdisciplinary Studies. The Center's Executive Director serves at the pleasure of the President and reports to the Dean of the College of Social Science and Interdisciplinary Studies.

The Center's central office is located on the campus of California State University, Sacramento. The central staff consists of the Executive Director, four Fellow Program Directors, a Fellows Outreach/Special Project Coordinator, and the LegiSchool Project Coordinator. The administrative support staff includes a coordinator of administrative services and budget and four administrative support assistants. Typically, the Center also employs one work-study student. The total of $1,221,000 in this category consists of salary, benefits (at 47%) and supplies (10% of total of salary and benefits).