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2011/12 Employer-Paid Retirement Adjustment

The CalPERS defined benefit pension plan is funded by employer-paid contributions, employee contributions, and the plan's investment earnings. Employer-paid contribution rates are adjusted each year in order to meet defined pension benefit obligations. In Fiscal Year 2011/12 the employer retirement rates for the Miscellaneous Tier 1 and Peace Officer/Firefighter decreased by 0.550% and 1.307% respectively from fiscal year 2010/11 composite retirement rates. The 2011/12 employer-paid retirement adjustment is equivalent to a decrease of $12.3 million. The state Department of Finance processes state agency retirement adjustments during the fiscal year. The following table provides CalPERS employer-paid retirement contribution rates and adjustments from 2002/03 through 2011/12:

CalPERS Employer-Paid Retirement Rates
Tier 1
Peace Officer/
CSU Employer-
Paid Retirement
(General Fund only)
2002/03 7.413% 13.925% $68,074,000
2003/04 14.843% 20.325% $155,112,000
2004/05 17.022% 23.841% $44,418,000
2005/06 15.942% 23.563% ($22,490,000)
2006/07 16.997% 24.505% $23,284,000
2007/08 16.633% 25.552% ($8,587,000)
2008/09 16.574% 26.064% ($1,350,000)
2009/10 16.917% 25.848% $7,446,000
2010/111 19.922% 28.887% $44,810,000
2011/122 18.175% 27.415% ($12,338,000)

12010/11 rates shown above were the rates for July - December 2010; the 2010-11 composite rates were 18.725% and 28.7215%, respectively.

2The State Department of Finance 2011/12 retirement adjustment is based on changes from July - December 2010 rates; remaining adjustments above $12.4 million are already reflected in lower 2010/11 $44.8 million adjustment.

California Government Code Section 20814 requires the state to include in the annual budget funding to support the employer-paid retirement contribution rates established by the actuary, and requires the legislature to adopt the rates and authorize the appropriation in the Budget Act.

For reference regarding 2011/12 employer-paid retirement rates, see CSU Human Resources Administration, Technical Letter HR/Benefits 2011-07.

Employee Retirement Contributions (for informational purposes only)

The Miscellaneous Tier 1 employee contribution rate has remained constant since July 1, 1976. Government Code Section 20677(b)(1) provides that employee retirement contribution rates for state Miscellaneous Tier 1 members employed by the CSU who are in the federal system (Social Security) shall be 5 percent of compensation in excess of $513 per month. Most CSU employees (approximately 98 percent) with CalPERS retirement benefits fall within the CalPERS Miscellaneous Tier 1 category. Retirement benefit formulas were enhanced for employees in the state Miscellaneous Tier 1 category to 2 percent times years of service for final salary benefits at age 55 for those who retired on or after January 1, 2000. The remaining 2 percent of CSU employees with CalPERS retirement benefits have designated CalPERS Peace Officer/Firefighter benefit levels. The employee contribution rate for this group is subject to Government Code Section 20687, which provides that employee retirement contribution rates shall be 8 percent of compensation in excess of $238 per month. Pursuant to a collective bargaining agreement for eligible CSU Public Safety (R08) employees, the CSU pays both the employer and employee contributions. Retirement benefit formulas were enhanced for employees in the Peace Officer/Firefighter category to 3 percent times years of service at age 50 for peace officers, and 3 percent times years of service at age 55 for firefighters who retired on or after January 1, 2002, for final salary benefits.