2013/14 Supplemental Documentation

Uses Of Revenue

Energy, $5,200,000

This projection reflects expected increases in utility rates due to the implementation of Cap and Trade and the direct effect of classroom density impact. Natural gas rates will begin to recover from historic lows due to increase in worldwide demand for cleaner energy supplies. Electric utilities will increase rates to account for the indefinite closure of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) and to facilitate electrical distribution infrastructure improvements, including the installation of smart meters. Water rates will see the most dramatic rate increase due to the combination of Cap and Trade compliance cost and improvements to the aging infrastructure. The university capital program has been adversely affected by deep state budget cuts that have severely diminished the ability of campuses to implement energy efficiency projects, which combined with class consolidation, increases the energy required to cool classroom and office space.

Total Budget
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Cost Increase
CSU Funding Assistance
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Natural Gas
Total CSU Funding