2013/14 Executive Summary

Executive Summary

2013/2014 Executive Summary

The 2013/14 Support Budget for Board of Trustees' action at the November 13-14, 2012 meeting was developed in consultation with campus presidents and other university constituencies. The support budget request for 2013/14 is an important statement by the CSU Board of Trustees of what the university needs to fulfill its mission to the people of California. While the state will continue to face fiscal challenges, California's economic recovery and its longer-term economic and social future depend on the state reinvesting in its people through higher education. The 2013/14 Support Budget recommended to the Board of Trustees, governor, and legislature is tempered by recognition of the state's ongoing fiscal challenge, yet represents a credible statement of the university's key funding needs after severe budget cuts. The 2012/13 level of state funding was reduced to a level similar to 1998/99 (14 years earlier), which does not factor in inflation and that CSU is now teaching 58,000 more California resident, full-time equivalent students. This 2013/14 Support Budget includes a $371.9 million increase in the state General Fund appropriation and Tuition Fee revenue adjustments of $69.9 million related to changes in enrollment for a total increase in resources of $441.8 million. This plan strikes a balance between an amount that can be reasonably requested from the state and an amount that can be reasonably provided through tuition fee revenues generated by enrollment growth. Development of a 2013/14 budget request on these lines would provide the governor and legislature with an achievable plan for reinvestment in the CSU for the sake of California's economic and social future.