2016/17 Supplemental Documentation

Financial Aid and Tuition Rates

State University Grant Program

Since 1982/83, the CSU has discounted tuition through the State University Grant (SUG) program for students based on financial need, as determined by the federal financial aid methodology. This tuition discount diminishes the impact of increased charges for students with the greatest financial need. Until 1992/93, the state provided funding for this program.

The amount budgeted represents tuition that will not be collected from students who receive State University Grants. The cost of State University Grants has grown dramatically, based in large part on the tuition increases required to offset declining state support during the recession. For 2014/15, the program cost of over $646 million in foregone revenue was almost double the amount in 2008/09. This rate of growth is a significant financial commitment that reduces revenue available to the university.

Annual reviews of campus-reported data on eligible financial aid applicants and recipients are used to determine the number of students who qualify for SUG awards and the total funding for which they are eligible based on enrollment status, tuition due, and the level of their expected family contribution. Preliminary 2014/15 estimates reflect 132,000 of the 259,360 eligible CSU students received SUG awards.

State University Grant Allocations
College Year 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 Estimated
State University Grants $632,649,000 $619,464,000 $646,055,000 $655,961,000 $655,961,000