2016/17 Executive Summary

Executive Summary

2016/2017 Executive Summary

The 2016/17 Support Budget plan, approved by the Board of Trustees at the November 17-18, 2015 meeting, was developed in consultation with campus presidents and other university constituencies. The support budget plan is an important statement by the Board of Trustees of what the university needs to fulfill its mission: providing access to the top-third of graduating high school seniors, prioritizing admission to community college transfer students, and providing a high-quality, affordable education to all its students.

For the first time in nearly a decade, the state fully funded the 2015/16 CSU Support Budget plan. This prioritization means that our 23 campuses will collectively educate an additional 12,000 students, strategically invest in educational enhancements that empower student success, take larger steps to recruit and retain a quality faculty and staff, and address critical facilities and infrastructure needs.

The 2016/17 Support Budget plan builds on the successes of the 2015/16 budget and represents a credible statement of the university's key funding needs. It reiterates the continued necessity for the partnership between California and the CSU in ensuring student access and success, competitive salaries, and infrastructure investment. The budget plan anticipates new ongoing revenues of $297.6 million, with $241.7 million from the state General Fund and $55.9 million from additional tuition revenue. This budget plan will support 3 percent enrollment growth, equivalent to additional 10,700 full-time equivalent students. In addition, the CSU will keep tuition levels unchanged for the sixth consecutive year.

This budget plan strikes a balance in meeting the increased expenditure needs of the CSU, between an amount that can be reasonably expected from the state and an amount that can be reasonably provided through tuition revenues generated by enrollment increases.

Approved by CSU Board of Trustees - November 18, 2015