CSU Budget Office

Legislative Reports

Reports submitted on various topics as requested by the Legislature.

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Motor Vehicle Procurement by the CSU Financial Operations, Contract Services/George Ashkar, Tom Roberts 6/30/2009
Efforts to Optimize Summer Enrollment (.pdf) CPDC/Elvyra San Juan, Marsha Hirano-Nikanishi, Robert Turnage 5/19/2009
Systemwide enrollment projections through at least 2020 for the 2008-09 budget year. (.pdf) CPDC, Academic Affairs/Elvyra San Juan, Marsha Hirano-Nikanishi, Robert Turnage 5/19/2009
Year-Round Operations in Capital Planning CPDC, Business Management, Academic Research/Elvyra San Juan, Marsha Hirano-Nikanishi 5/19/2009
FTES enrollment goals, including baccalaureate and masters nursing. (.pdf) Budget/Robert Turnage, Marsha Hirano-Nikanishi 5/14/2009
Amount of lottery funds that CSU received and the purposes for which those funds were expended. (.pdf) Budget/Rodney Rideau, Homaira Masoud 5/14/2009
Progress toward increasing the quality and supply of science and math teachers - through 2009 (.pdf) Academic Affairs/Beverly Young 5/1/2009
Disenrolled Students (.pdf) Academic Resources, Access and Retention/ Marsha Hirano-Nikanishi, Allison Jones 4/27/2009
CSU's commitment to under-represented students through educational equity programs (.pdf) Academic Affairs/Allison Jones 4/24/2009
Seismic Safety retrofit goals and information on emergency responses (.pdf) CPDC/Elvyra San Juan 4/24/2009
Student Academic Outreach (.pdf) Academic Affairs/Allison Jones, Marsha Hirano-Nikanishi 4/24/2009
Reading, Writing, and Mathematics Proficiency of all First-time Freshmen (.pdf) Budget, Academic Research/ Rodney Rideau, Shannon Gordon, Marsha Hirano-Nikanishi 4/23/2009
Report on Institutional Financial Aid programs, including Fee Waivers. (.pdf) Access Rent., Budget/Dean Kulju 4/2/2009
Utilization of Facilities (.xls) CPDC, Academic Research/Elvyra San Juan Marsha Hirano-Nikanishi 3/26/2009
University shall report (by campus) on the status of any negotiations with local agencies for mitigation measures. Report due 2008 through 2012. (.pdf) CPDC/Elvyra San Juan, Robert Turnage 3/23/2009
Report on proposed Physical Master Plan Revisions & Mitigation Agreements for Off-Campus Impacts (.pdf) CPDC/Elvyra San Juan 3/20/09
Summaries of draft physical master plan and the accompanying draft EIR. (.pdf) CPDC/Elvyra San Juan 3/20/09
Preliminary Report on FTES Enrollment Goals (.pdf) Budget/Robert Turnage, Marsha Hirano-Nakanishi 3/15/2009
Regulatory actions taken by the trustees during the previous calendar year Trustees, Chief of Staff/Leticia Hernandez, Bill Dermody 1/15/2009
Funding of Enrollment Growth and Compensation Increases (.pdf) Budget/Robert Turnage, Marsha Hirano-Nikanishi 1/9/2009
Monterey Bay Campus, status of future water supply, and its implicatiosn for enrollment planning CPDC/Elvyra San Juan 1/1/2009
Award of contract to lowest bidder Financial Operations, Contract Services/George Ashkar, Tom Roberts 12/31/2008
Gifts accepted by Trustees on behalf of the State of California (.pdf) Financial Services, CPDC/Colleen Nickles, Elvyra San Juan 12/18/2008
Integrated Technology Strategy and Telecommunications Infrastructure Initiative ITS/Mike McLean 12/18/2008
Sale or exchange of property. (.pdf) Financial Services, CPDC/ Colleen Nickles, Elvyra San Juan 12/18/2008
Funds budgeted and actually allocated for increases in faculty compensation for current and prior three budget years. (.pdf) HR, Budget/Gail Brooks, Robert Turnage 11/3/2008
The amount of prior-year carryover funds and the expenditure of these funds. (.pdf) Financial Management/ Colleen Nickles, Rodney Rideau 11/3/2008
To Department of General Services on purchase and procurement of recycled paper products. Financial Management/Colleen Nickles 10/31/2008
Statistical reports on student transfer patterns. Academic Research/ Marsha Hirano-Nikanishi 10/29/2008
Channel Island Site Authority Funding (.pdf) CPDC/Vi San Juan 8/7/2008