CSU Budget Office

Legislative Reports

Reports submitted on various topics as requested by the Legislature.

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Report on Savings & Use of Savings from Capital Outlay Bond Funds (.pdf) CPDC/Elvyra San Juan 9/24/10
Motor Vehicle Procurement Report (.pdf) Contract Services and Procurement/Tom Roberts 7/6/10
Unique Statewide Pupil Identifiers Report (.pdf) Academic Affairs/Ephraim Smith 7/6/10
June Quarterly Capital Outlay Report (.pdf) CPDC / Larry Piper 6/30/10
Enrollment in Nursing Degree Report (.pdf) Budget/Robert Turnage 5/12/10
Report on amount of Lottery Funds (.pdf) Budget/Robert Turnage 5/4/10
Math Science Teacher Initiative Report Academic Affairs/Beverly Young 4/30/10
First Time Freshman Proficiency Report (.pdf) Student Access / Allison Jones 4/26/2010
Institutional Financial Aid Programs Report (.pdf) Student Academic Support / Dean Kulju 4/5/2010
Budget Reductions to Outreach Programs Report (.pdf) Budget / Robert Turnage 4/5/2010
Preliminary Report on FTES Enrollment Goals (.pdf) Budget/Robert Turnage, Marsha Hirano-Nakanishi 3/15/10
Report on Proposed Mitigation Agreements for Off Campus Impacts (.pdf) CPDC/Elvyra San Juan 3/1/10
Student Academic Outreach Report & Report on Underrepresented Students (.pdf) Academic Affairs/Allison Jones 2/25/10
Report on progress in meeting seismic safety retrofit goals (.pdf) CPDC/Elvyra San Juan 2/9/10
Report on award of contract to lowest bidder (.pdf) CPDC/Elvyra San Juan, Nancy Freelander-Paice 2/4/10
Report on Regulatory action taken by the Trustees (.pdf) Chief of Staff/Bill Dermody 1/14/10
Report on implementation of Budget Reductions (.pdf) Budget/Robert Turnage 1/7/10
Report on Gifted Real Property (.pdf) CPDC/Elvyra San Juan 12/22/09
Report on Sale or Exchange of Real Property (.pdf) CPDC/Elvyra San Juan 12/22/09
Reading, Writing, and Mathematics Proficiency of All First-time Freshman - Preliminary Report (.pdf) Rodney Rideau/Budget 12/15/09
Report on Status of Athletic Academic Progress and Athletic Academic Support (.pdf) Cover Memo (.pdf) Access and Retention/Allison Jones 12/15/09
Report on Faculty Compensation: Budgeted and Allocated Funds for Increase (.pdf) HR, Budget/Gail Brooks, Robert Turnage 11/16/09
Report on Recycled Products. (.pdf) Financial Management/George Ashkar 10/31/2009
Camarillo State Hospital land transferred to CSU (.pdf) CPDC/Elvyra San Juan 10/30/2009
Statistical reports on student transfer patterns. Academic Research/Marsha Hirano-Nikanishi 10/29/2009
Channel Island Site Authority Funding (.pdf) CPDC/Elvyra San Juan 7/23/2009