CSU Budget Office

Frequently Asked Questions: Financial Aid

Graduate Students

What consideration is being given to graduate students who have limited financial aid options and end up with more dept on the long process toward graduation?
The CSU is committed to providing efficient pathways to graduation for all levels of students. Financial Aid for graduate students continues to be discussed in various forums to find the best way to meet the financial and academic needs of our students.

Why is the elimination or reduction of Graduate Student SUG being considered when Graduate students do not qualify for any other need based aid?
Graduate student SUG awards will remain unchanged for the 12-13 academic year. As financial aid policy is further discussed in the coming months various changes to awarding policy will be considered so that the CSU can balance the financial need of its students, with the continued cuts in general fund from the state.

State University Grants (SUG)

In these difficult budget times, is it possible to reduce the amount of set-aside for State University Grants from one-third of fees, to some lower amount so that the increases could be less dramatic for students paying full fees?
Current financial aid practice calls for a one-third set-aside of new fee revenue for financial aid in order to provide financial assistance to as many students with financial need as possible. The Board of Trustees is likely to discuss this policy at an upcoming meeting in an effort to re-frame financial aid in a way that continues to allow access for the most financially needy students, while not placing an undue burden on students who do not qualify for financial aid.


When campuses handle financial aid for students we are spending labor costs to issue checks. Is it possible to charge a small percentage fee for issuing these payments?
Most campuses issue refunds to students via electronic transfer. However, in those cases where a paper check is issued, financial aid regulations do not allow institutions to charge for this service.

Has any thought been given to postponing implementation of the California Dream Act?
The California Dream Act will mean that many students who otherwise are not eligible for state financial aid awards, will now be able to apply for and receive both state and CSU financial aid. The CSU is not in a position to delay the implementation of this state law.