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2000-2001 Lottery Budget

To achieve greater campus lottery budget flexibility, the 2000/01 lottery budget continues movement of funds away from system designated programs to campus-based programs. The total 2000/01 CSU Lottery Revenue Budget is $36.7 million.

Campus-based program budgets increased from a total of $17.3 million in 1999/2000 to $31.7 million in 2000/01. Campus budgets previously designated for Access and Academic Development, CSU Scholarship Program for Future Scholars and Teacher Recruitment have been retained but shifted to campus-based programs. Campus budgets for the California Pre-Doctoral Program remain the same.

Systemwide budgets continue to be designated for the Forgivable Loan/Doctoral Incentive Program, California Pre-Doctoral Program, and CSU Summer Arts. Campus-based program budgets in total have increased $14.4 million. Of this increase, $7.6 million has been distributed based on a pro-rata share of 2000/01 FTES, while the remainder represents shifts from the previously designated programs to campus-based programs as described above. Assuming success of previously designated programs, campuses may choose to continue to allocate similar funding for those programs.

Campus 2000/01 Lottery Revenue Distribution/Allocations » (.pdf)

Campus one-time technology ($5 million) and faculty development ($5 million) allocations » (.pdf)