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2001-2002 Lottery Budget

The total 2001/02 CSU Lottery Revenue Budget is $37.7 million.

Greater flexibility was given to the campuses in 2000/01 whereby funds previously held centrally for system designated programs (Access and Academic Development, CSU Scholarship Program for Future Scholars and Teacher Recruitment) were retained but moved to campus-based programs. This flexibility is maintained in the 2001/02 budget. Assuming success of previously designated programs, campuses are encouraged to continue to allocate similar funding for those programs.

Systemwide budgets continue to be designated for the Forgivable Loan/Doctoral Incentive Program, California Pre-Doctoral Program, and CSU Summer Arts.

Please click here to view the REVISED Distribution of Campus 2001/02 Lottery Revenue Distribution/Allocations (.pdf). The campuses will receive three allocations this year rather than the typical quarterly allocations. The budget remains the same as what was approved by the Board of Trustees. The two SMIF interest payments received by campuses will be applied towards the total 2001/02 campus-based lottery budget. As a reminder, allocations to the campuses are contingent upon adequate lottery receipts being received by the CSU.

One-Time Allocations: One-time allocations were made to each campus for Library Acquisitions/Initiatives ($4 million systemwide) and Academic Technology ($6 million systemwide). An expenditure report is required for these one-time funds. The report is due by July 31, 2002, to the Assistant Vice Chancellor, Information Technology Services.

Distribution of these one-time allocations by campus » (.pdf)

David Ernst's October 24, 2001 memo to the presidents regarding the report » (.pdf)