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2016-19 Strategic Directions and Goals

Strategic Direction 1
Build CSU-wide capacity to advance community engagement
Goal 1: Improve and utilize systemwide mechanisms to gather data on the impact of all forms of community engagement.
Goal 2: Design and implement high-quality, sustainable systemwide programs and initiatives.
Goal 3: Explore partnerships with other Chancellor's Office programs in an effort to expand engagement efforts.

Strategic Direction 2
Raise awareness and visibility for the importance of community engagement and its connection to CSU priorities
Goal 1: Create a marketing plan for promoting CE, the work of individual campuses, and the idea that community engagement is integral to the excellence of higher education.
Goal 2: Elevate campus service-learning leaders’expertise with colleagues from other high impact experiential programs to share best practices for student learning and institutionalization.
Goal 3: Inform, recruit and promote VISTA to all stakeholders that demonstrates the impact of the VISTA projects on STEM student success, as well as its impact on the VISTA members’ personal and professional development.

Strategic Direction 3
Mobilize partnerships to fuel and expand community engagement
Goal 1: Sustain partnerships that support CCE priorities.
Goal 2: Explore and experiment with new ways to support the CE/SL director network.

Strategic Direction 4
Strengthen the capacity of the Center for Community Engagement
Goal 1: Pilot new ways to manage administrative practices for maximum effectiveness.
Goal 2: Explore alternative staffing options and complete an overall staffing plan.
Goal 3: Develop a 5-year fundraising plan
Goal 4: Design a professional development plan for all staff.
Goal 5: CCE staff and key partners regularly reflect, review, and assess CCE’s strategic plan.
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Last Updated: June 07, 2016