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Strategic Directions, Goals, & Success Indicators

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Strategic Direction 3
Mobilize Partnerships to fuel and expand community engagement
Goal Task
Goal 1: Seek out new external partnerships to expand public participation and political engagement opportunities.
  • Initiate systemwide conversations with organizations that promote public participation on policy issues and examine suitable roles or resources for the CSU.
  • Provide resources to campuses interested in engaging in community/campus dialogue, public issue forums, and/or political engagement education for students and community.
Goal 2: Explore partnerships with other Chancellor's Office programs that expand engagement efforts.
  • Identify ways community engagement currently is in alignment with emerging state and federal priorities (e.g. veterans' social and economic issues, academic preparation for pre K-12 youth), with the goal of preparing funding proposals and encouraging new and/or strengthened alliances.
  • Advocate for shared decision-making on risk management policies between Divisions of Academic Affairs and Business and Finance.
  • California Volunteers organizations seek out CSU to partner, host an event
  • CSU Community Engagement Student fellowship in place
  • Public participation policy dialogues happen on campuses with campus and community involvement. Chancellor's Office and campus Community Engagement offices play a convening/collaborative role
  • Campus offices ask Community Engagement offices for feedback or to partner
  • More Chancellor's Office partners see Community Engagement as a strategy for reaching their goals/priorities and they take the lead on Community Engagement projects
  • Chancellor's Office offices ask us for feedback
  • New partnerships within the building and out created
  • Center for Community Engagement and campus directors have increased awareness of the implications of local, state, national and global policies on Community Engagement
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Last Updated: October 15, 2012