Center for Community Engagement

Message from Chancellor White

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In the past year, the CSU has beaten its own records for community engagement. As each campus becomes more deeply intertwined with the people and organizations in its service area and beyond, we as a system are able to offer striking new opportunities to the people of our state. The scope and scale of these positive activities is obvious from a glance at the figures below, but I encourage you also to look at the stories behind them, the human connections that are each in some way changing the world.

Throughout this calendar, you will be introduced to various people and programs, among them is a science student that gets involved in opening doors for kids who might never otherwise see a laboratory—kids like he once was himself. A CSU graduate newly turned businessman, remembering what he learned about reciprocity through service learning, offers to host students at his company. A student collaborating to create a new museum has the creativity to turn her deep learning into a master’s thesis.

When individuals become more compassionate with elders, or meet and then care about people from unfamiliar places and situations, or realize in a flash of insight that learning inside and outside of a classroom are complementary ingredients of the same larger world, each person undergoes a one-way change. These changes may appear in vital new behaviors or attitudes that last, like careful listening, or flexibility, or empathy. We are proud to be creating such experiences for our students, faculty, community members, industry partners, and alumni, for they connect with our shared commitment both to lead and to serve the people of California.

Timothy P. White

Timothy P. White