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In 2000-2001, the CSU began an exciting partnership with the Department of Service Learning at the Corporation for National and Community Service. Through the support of Learn and Serve America, the CSU implemented a three-year grant program, Institutionalizing Community Service Learning in the CSU. This grant program was designed to complement CSU’s efforts to respond to California’s Call to Service.

The overall goal of the Institutionalizing Community Service Learning in the CSU is to successfully implement the CSU Strategic Plan for Community Service Learning, which would result in the institutionalization of community service learning at each campus. The CSU Strategic Plan for Community Service Learning, created in 1997, serves as the primary guide for this grant. This strategic plan identifies specific steps to arrive at its primary objectives: (1) engage students at each CSU campus in at least one community service-learning experience prior to graduation and (2) offer a continuum of community service opportunities at each CSU campus. To support the achievement of these visionary goals, the Strategic Plan is organized into six goals. Each campus focuses on the first three goals of the Strategic Plan:

  • To develop a solid infrastructure to support community service learning;
  • To provide resources and tools for faculty interested in service learning; and
  • To support the involvement of community partners and students in the design of a service-learning program

The other three goals are the responsibility of the systemwide Office of Community Service Learning, a part of Academic Affairs at the CSU Office of the Chancellor. The 1997 Strategic Plan for Community Service Learning at the CSU is available.

The Learn and Serve program consists of two phases.

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