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Academic Service Learning
Learn and Serve Grant Program

Phase I
During the first phase of the grant program, “Assessment and Action Plan Development,” CSU campuses created campus-based Strategic Action Teams. The purpose of the Strategic Action Team was to create an advisory board or strengthen an existing advisory board by having at least one representative of the five major service-learning stakeholders involved at a leadership level with this grant. At the minimum, each team’s composition included the campus service-learning director, an administrator, a community partner, a faculty member, and a student. In addition, campuses conducted an assessment of current campus efforts to achieve the steps of the Strategic Plan, and developed an Action Plan to achieve the steps and goals that have not yet been achieved.

As a part of the assessment process, the Office of the Community Service Learning at the Office of the Chancellor designed a rubric that identifies three stages, “undeveloped, in process, and accomplished,” for each of the twenty-two steps within the Strategic Plan. This rubric ensures a consistent assessment process across the campuses and offers some thoughtful questions to consider as campuses assessed their efforts. The illustrative descriptions of the three stages provide specific indicators of each campus’s current level of progress towards institutionalization. As a result of the tool, areas of progress and areas that need further attention as well as best practices have been identified.

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Last Updated: May 06, 2016