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Students in Action

The California State University, Students in Action (SIA) program was funded by a grant from the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) to support student leadership opportunities as a means to increase the level of student involvement in critical civic issues.

SIA funds were used to form two student leadership teams, over a 1 ½ year period for each group, at four CSU campuses – Humboldt State, Monterey Bay, San Jose State, and San Luis Obispo - to identify and address civic issues of importance to both students and community. The goals of the program were four-fold:

  1. to increase the understanding of civic issues and participation
  2. to enhance knowledge and skills of students in identifying important civic issues and to develop action goals to address them
  3. to make civic engagement central to student learning and the campus academic culture
  4. to build strong voices and role models among students engaged in civic actions
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SIA Program Assessment
Dr. Don Coan of Survey Research Consulting, an independent evaluator, worked with the Chancellor's Office to design, administer and assess the SIA program at the four participating institutions.

At the November 2005, Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) Conference on the Civic Engagement Imperative, Dr. Coan and Judy Botelho (then assistant director of Community Service Learning, CSU Chancellor's Office) presented information on research findings and assessment approaches for the first year and a half of the SIA program.

Multi-Method Approaches to Assessing Civic Engagement Outcomes

Pre and Post Evaluation Results - Program Year 1

Pre and Post Evaluation Results - Program Year 2
The final report of the SIA project is also an impact assessment of the same four SIA campus projects continuing from spring 2005 through fall 2005 and into spring 2006 but with a completely new group of student leaders.       

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