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Currently, we do not have out a call for applications to participate in a teacher education service-learning institute for CSU faculty. When an institute opportunity becomes available, we will post the information here.

Below is information about past institutes for teacher education faculty.

Ready to Act: Infusing Service Learning into Teacher Preparation
July 9-11, 2001, Menlo Park, CA

This three-day residential institute was designed for teacher education faculty teams of three to five participants who intended on crafting high quality service-learning curriculum to infuse into their teacher preparation programs in the 2001-2002 academic year. Teams were encouraged to include a K-12 teacher from a partnering school district.

Call to Participate, April 2001 pdf

Connections: Infusing Service Learning Into Teacher Preparation
A Service-Learning Institute for Faculty of the California State University
October 12-13, 2000, Los Angeles, CA

This gathering of CSU education faculty offered the opportunity to learn more about service learning, exchange ideas with colleagues, identify the myriad of resources available, examine concrete service-learning tools and models, and build a plan to infuse service learning into teacher education. During the institute, we considered:

  • How can the practices and methodologies of service learning offer unique opportunities for pre-service teachers now and benefit their students once they have entered the profession formally?
  • What can be learned from our colleagues who bring experience and knowledge from the field?
  • With the research, resources and support systems provided, what are the steps our departments can take to integrate service learning into our teaching practices?

Institute Program and Action Plan, October 2000 pdf

Call to Participate, August 2000 pdf

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