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The Artful Partnership:
Advancement and Community Service Learning

Artful Partnership Forum Follow-Up
CSU Colleagues Embark on Pioneering Efforts

Below is a brief outline of the efforts that have occurred since the Artful Partnership in October 2005, for the twelve CSU campuses that participated in the one-day forum. For more information, please contact the participants listed on the participant list.


  • Service-learning office received a $10,000 grant from the local United Way for Student Service Scholarships allowing students from the main campus and extension campus to provide service in exchange for scholarship money. (CSU San Bernardino)
  • Service-learning office is now prominently included in a federal campus grant application. (CSU San Bernardino)

Program Development

  • Advancement leaders invited the service-learning office to be a part of discussions about opportunities with key community partners (CSU Los Angeles and CSU Sacramento)
  • Service-learning office is now part of a team that is exploring ways to make the services offered at the future library more community accessible. (CSU Monterey Bay)

Partnership Development

  • Advancement leader presented to service-learning advisory board and brainstormed some possible fundraising ideas. (Humboldt State University)
  • Service-learning office and the Advancement Office are working together to outreach to corporations and private funders. (CSU Fullerton)

Public Relations

  • Service-learning students produced films on health care in indigenous languages, and the campus is distributing the films to local media. (CSU Monterey Bay)
  • The Advancement team, consisted of the public information officer and a development officer, nominated the service-learning office for the James Irvine Foundation Leadership Award. (CSU Monterey Bay)

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