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The Artful Partnership:
Advancement and Community Service Learning

Student Service Scholarships

DePaul University's Community Service Scholarship Program

  • Purpose:
    To reward students who have an exceptional record of community service.

  • Goal:
    To mentor students throughout their time at DePaul. To connect community service with academics through a minor in community service.

  • Requirements:
    1. Acceptance to a DePaul University Undergraduate Program.
    2. Demonstrated commitment to community service.
    3. Submission of a completed community service scholarship application and recommendation. (Application forms are available through the admission office.)
    4. Students must file the Free Application for Federal Student Assistance (FAFSA) in order to be considered for the full scholarship amount. Those students who do not file the FAFSA and are named as winners will receive an award of $2,000.
    5. Winners must agree to the following items:
      1. Be a full time student (complete at least 36 quarter hours each academic year).
      2. Maintain a 2.7 cumulative G.P.A. (calculated at the end of the academic year).
      3. Enroll in the Community Service Studies minor.
      4. Complete a total of 30 hours of service per quarter for a total of 12 quarters.
      5. Maintain contact with the Irwin W. Steans Center for Community-based Service Learning.

  • Number/Amount of Awards:
    Awarded to 30 students, which are given $5,000 per year and not to exceed 20,000 for four years.

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Bentley College Undergraduate Scholarship Program

  • Purpose:
    This scholarship is mainly awarded to incoming freshman that have shown an interest in their community and throughout their time in college.

  • Goal:
    To encourage students to continue their commitment to the community.

  • Requirements:
    1. Students must have a 3.0 GPA and maintain it throughout their time in college.
    2. Commit to working 10 hours per week to nonprofit program affiliated with Bentley Service Learning Center.
    3. As students progress in the program they are strongly encouraged to develop their own Service Learning initiatives.

  • Number/Amount of Awards:
    Bentley awards 16 $7,500 scholarships each year to students that are committed to service learning. Four of the 16 are awarded directly to freshmen. As a scholarship student they may also attend local and national conferences as BSCL representative.

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Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Sam H. Jones Community Service Scholarship Program

Freshman Service Scholarship Program

  • Purpose:
    To award students who have shown outstanding service for their community or for their high school or the campus during the past two years.

  • Goal:
    This scholarship program is a complete and connected scholarship program that is academically based and promotes community outreach.

  • Requirements:
    1. Must meet IUPUI admission requirements
    2. Demonstrate commitment and merit in service to others
    3. Student must enroll in 9 credit hours and enroll in a psychology service class during fall
    4. During spring smelter requirement include completion of three hours of community service each week

  • Number/Amount of Awards:
    $ 2,000 awarded to freshmen to support educational expenses.

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Community Service Project

  • Purpose:
    To recognize students who have made significant service contributions to the community or the campus during the past two years.

  • Requirements:
    Students must have a 2.75 GPA and completed a minimum of 15 hours at IUPUI.

  • Number/Amount of Awards:
    A total of $3,000 ($1,500 each semester).

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Service Learning Assistant Scholarship

  • Purpose:
    Awarded to students that have been nominated by faculty to assist in implementing Service Learning classes, conducting research, or completing a task in the community.

  • Requirements:
    1. Graduate or undergraduate with at least a 2.75 GPA
    2. Completed 15 credit hours at IUPUI
    3. Contribute 5-10 hours to assist faculty
    4. Attend workshops with their sponsor hosted by CSL
    5. Submit 1-2 pages to their sponsor about their experience with LSA and how this contributed to their personal and academic growth.
  • Number/Amount of Awards:
    $750-1000 is awarded per semester to help students with educational expenses.

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