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The Artful Partnership:
Advancement and Community Service Learning

Community Service Learning Retreat 2005
Money, Money, Money

Lori A. Redfearn
Senior Director, Systemwide Advancement
and Vice President, California State University Foundation
Office of the Chancellor

  1. The Development Team
    • President
    • Central Development Office
    • Dean
    • Dean's Development Officer
    • Faculty and Staff
    • Alumni Office
    • Volunteers and Givers

  2. How Fundraising Priorities Get Established and How to Position Community Service Learning in the Process
    • President - Ultimate Strategic Authority/Sets Strategic Vision for University
      • How do Community Service Learning development objectives accomplish university goals?
    • Central Development Office - Manages Priorities/Provides Support for the Team
      • How can Community Service Learning showcase the university?
    • Dean - Determines Constituency Needs/Provides Vision for Constituency
      • How do Community Service Learning development objectives accomplish the college goals?
    • Dean's Development Officer - Primary Responsibility for Relationship Management/Connects Donors with Project Coordinators/Makes 15-20 Prospect Contacts Per Month
      • Meet with this individual regularly!
      • How well is Community Service Learning communicating and coordinating opportunities for private support?
      • Are their Community Service Learning projects that donor prospects could observe to cultivate their interest?
      • Can you identify students that can speak passionately about their Community Service Learning experience?
    • Faculty and Staff - Knows more about projects that anyone else on Team/Writes the Content for Funding Proposals
      • Do you have a compelling, one paragraph statement describing Community Service Learning?
      • What is the importance and timeliness of the proposed project?
      • What time/money/people do you need to successfully implement the project?
      • How will you measure success?
    • Alumni Office - Entry Point for Alumni Getting Involved with University/Identifies Alumni Donor Prospects
      • How can you help the Alumni Association reach out to graduates that were involved in Community Service Learning projects?
    • Volunteers and Donors - Ultimately Decides What Gets Supported with Their Time and Dollars
      • Are you listening to what is important to them?
      • How can you meaningfully engage them in your activities?
      • Are you helping to connect them to students?
      • Are you asking them for advice about how to enhance partnerships and make your program more attractive to donors?

  3. Resources

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