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First CSU Conference on Community Based Teaching and Research: Creating Knowledge & Building Community

Speaker and Workshops

Keynote Address:
Why Don't We Do More Participatory Research?

  • Randy Stoecker, Associate Professor of Rural Sociology and Research Associate in Community and Economic Development, University of Wisconsin


Workshop I: Publish What You Do: Practical Strategies for Combining Service-Learning and Research

  • Debra David, Director, Center for Service Learning & Professor, Health Sciences, San José State University
  • Maureen Rubin, Director, Center for Community Service-Learning & Professor, Journalism, CSU Northridge

The explosion of interest nationally in service learning and its impact on students and communities provides an important research opportunity for faculty who utilize service learning in their courses. Studies have indicated that the pedagogy can be highly effective for developing critical thinking skills, understanding of diversity issues, and student motivation to become civically engaged. This highly interactive workshop will teach participants how to design a course syllabus that complements either a pedagogical or discipline-based research agenda. At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will have learned to integrate student learning, civic engagement, and/or community objectives with course models and research paradigms that will best further their personal scholarship agendas.

Workshop II: Community-Based Participatory Research: Combining Classroom Learning With Social Action

  • José Zapata Calderon, Michi and Walter Weglyn Endowed Chair in Multicultural Studies, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

This workshop will focus on the definitions, methods, and stages of community-based participatory research and how it can be used alongside community partners in conducting action-research projects. The workshop will include a presentation on the various methodologies that can be used in gathering data, the science/art to interpreting data, and the various ways that the results can be presented. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to apply aspects of CBPR to concrete examples and models.

Workshop III: Grant Funding & Logic Models: Common Ground

  • Jeannie Kim-Han, Director, Center for Internships and Service Learning, CSU Fullerton

Projects and programs involving community partners can be supported by funding from a variety of sources ranging from private foundations, corporate grants, and state and federal programs. Each resource requires its own approach and preparation. Nonetheless, across the spectrum of grant providers there is a growing requirement for recipients to demonstrate measurable outcomes from their programs using logic models. This workshop will explore the range of opportunities for grants to support community work and will focus on logic models as an approach to program design and accountability.

Workshop IV: Practical Approaches to Qualitative (and Integrated) Research Methodology, Design, and Data Analysis

  • Eli Lieber, Co-Director, Fieldwork and Qualitative Data Research, Laboratory in the UCLA/NPI Center for Culture and Health

For over a decade, Dr. Lieber has worked on developing methods and data analysis strategies focused on the increasingly popular integrated qualitative-quantitative research design. This work has included the design, development, and implementation of technology to facilitate research and consulting for a broad range of projects-helping teams identify and implement the most practical strategies and tools to meet their research goals. In this presentation, key goals of research methods will be highlighted. In addition, participants will discuss design strategy for qualitative and qualitative-quantitative integrated research and review available tools for the management and analysis of data collected in integrated research projects.

Workshop V: Converging Operations: Combining Service Learning, Community Based Research and Public Service for a Cohesive RTP Portfolio

  • Corey W. Johnson, Assistant Professor, Recreation & Leisure Studies, Faculty Fellow, Center for Community Engagement, CSU Long Beach
  • Malcolm Finney, Associate Professor, Linguistics Faculty Fellow, Center for Community Engagement
  • Beth Manke, Associate Professor, Human Development Faculty Fellow, Center for Community Engagement
  • Pat Rozee, Director, Center for Community Engagement Professor, Psychology and Women's Studies
  • Carina Sass, Associate Director, Community Partnerships and Civic Engagement Center for Community Engagement

This workshop is designed for faculty who desire to become engaged with the community in a way that unifies their teaching, research, and public service. In the workshop, panelists will map out a natural pathway of community engagement, beginning with scholarship focused on the teaching effectiveness of service learning and moving on to developing and sustaining mutually beneficial community-based scholarship. Participants are invited to bring their own work or brand-new ideas in an effort to converge their own operations, strengthening the unification of their teaching, research, and service for retention, tenure, and promotion.

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