Research Conference 2008

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CSUDH Anthropology Professor, Sue Needham, speaks with school children in Cambodia

On Friday, March 7, the conference will contain exciting skill building workshops on designing effective engaged research, research in local, national and international settings, presenting and publishing engaged scholarship, and emerging community based scholarship in the California State University. Please see Workshops.

Session Formats
On Saturday, March 8, the conference will feature panel discussions, round-table discussions, and poster sessions for colleagues in the CSU to share their engaged scholarship. Please see Saturday's Session Schedule.

Open Forums
Open forums provide an opportunity for new researchers and practitioners to meet and discuss topics in a less formal setting. These forums will also provide an opportunity for faculty within the same discipline to gather. Groups may reserve luncheon tables on Saturday, March 8, for an informal discussion and other times as well. Forum topics will be participant driven and determined by entries submitted in the Request for Forum section on the Conference Registration form.

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