Research Conference 2008

Conference Program
Friday Workshops

Workshop A. Designing Engaged Research
Kennedy Room

This introductory level workshop will focus on the definitions, methods, and stages of community-based participatory research and how it can be used alongside community partners in conducting action-research projects. The workshop will include a presentation on the various methodologies that can be used in gathering data, the science/art to interpreting data, and the various ways that the results can be presented. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to apply aspects of CBPR to concrete examples and models.

  • Veronica Acosta-Deprez, Ph.D., Professor of Health Science, California State University, Long Beach

  • Gary Hytrek, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Sociology, California State University, Long Beach

Workshop B. Local and National Engaged Scholarship - CANCELED

A significant number of successful faculty and student efforts include programs addressing the needs of the homeless in Salinas, California and the victims of Katrina in the gulf coast area. Presenters will offer best practices of local and national engaged scholarship. Using these examples the workshop will also present research protocols to assess the impact of local and national engaged scholarship.

  • Scott Myers-Lipton, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, San Josť State University.

  • Seth Pollack, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Director, Service Learning Institute, California State University, Monterey Bay

Workshop C. International Engaged Scholarship
Logan Room

International settings offer additional challenges and rewards for the engaged scholar. During this workshop, participants will explore three approaches to international engaged scholarship; Fulbright Scholarships, Study Abroad Programs, and International Service-Learning Courses. How each of these can be documented as scholarship, the process to successfully apply for a Fulbright scholarship and the steps to establish effective study abroad courses and programs will be presented.

  • Gary Selnow, Ph.D., is Executive Director of WiRED International and a professor with the Marian Wright Edelman Institute at San Francisco State University.

  • Tim Stanton, Ph.D., is visiting senior fellow at the John W. Gardner Center for Youth and Their Communities, School of Education and faculty leader for Overseas Studies in Cape Town, South Africa at Stanford University.

Workshop D. Presenting and Publishing Engaged Scholarship
Midway Room

Excellent presentations and publishing in referred sources are a demonstration of engaged scholarship and a vital aspect of the RTP process. This session will guide participants in applying the current findings on "how people learn" to a variety of common presentation types, including short sessions, lengthier workshops, panels, roundtables, and posters. The workshop will also explore the nuts and bolts of publishing community-based research.

  • Cynthia Desrochers, Ph.D., Director, Institute for Teaching and Learning, California State University, Chancellorís Office

  • David Diaz, Ph.D., Urban Studies Program Director, California State University, Los Angeles

Workshop E. Emerging Community Based Scholarship in the California State University - CANCELED

The CSU is engaged in several nationally recognized initiatives in which community based scholarship plays a central role. One such endeavor is the CSU Mathematics and Science Teacher Initiative that aims to prepare highly qualified mathematics and science teachers to serve our communitiesí K-12 schools. Another is the establishment of Educational Leadership doctoral programs, the goal of which is to prepare school administrators who can help bring to fruition educational reforms to enhance K-12 studentsí success. Workshop participants will explore the potential of community-based scholarship for creating mutually beneficial collaborations and they will begin to frame research questions of relevance to their immediate communities.

  • Amy Strage, Ph.D., Professor of Child and Adolescent Development, San Josť State University

  • Julie Sliva-Spitzer, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics, San Josť State University

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