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Design and Innovation, Tools for Community Outreach: Creatively Solving Problems and Developing Partnerships

San Francisco State University’s Design and Industry (DAI) and Apparel Design and Merchandising (ADM) faculty and students partnered with community groups in two notable projects, working as co-creators of activities, programs and products. Brainstorming meetings were held throughout the design process, and reflective analysis included all partners.

Industrial Design Outreach (iDo) links DAI faculty and students, design professionals, industry experts, and funders with San Francisco high school students, administrators and teachers in the teaching of creativity. iDo’s research examines classifications, traits, processes, physical and social conditions, skills and techniques employed to enhance creative thinking. Research methods include classroom experimentation, surveys, and interviews. iDo provides high-school students with experiences that foster curiosity, promote creativity, and build self-confidence, a framework that can be applied to almost any creative discipline.

Discarded to Design is a fund raiser created by St. Vincent de Paul Society. Collaborating with local industry, student designers transform donated clothing into new garments to be auctioned to raise funds for the poor and homeless in San Francisco. ADM students also collaborate with the deYoung Museum in an evening event showcasing the upcycled clothing, designers and members of the community served by the St. Vincent de Paul Society. Through this participation, students discover the value of charity and sustainability by contributing to community and individual renewal.

Connie Ulasewicz, Fashion Merchandising
San Francisco State University

Key words: high school, design, fund raising, sustainability, recycling

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Last Updated: May 06, 2016