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San Francisco Police Department Community Engagement Project BLUE RIBBON AWARD WINNER

In a project made possible through emerging partnerships within the local community, the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) strives to build safe and inclusive neighborhoods, especially amid today’s rapidly growing non-English speaking immigrant population. Using the Ingleside district as a model, the purpose of this project was to develop a culturally competent communication strategy for effective community engagement between police and residents.

Key partners contributing to the project included San Francisco State University (SFSU) faculty and students, SFPD, the Commissions and Strategic Initiatives offices at San Francisco City Hall, and numerous Ingleside leaders and activists.

Initially, the SFPD approached SFSU faculty to invite MBA students to undertake community-based research in conjunction with larger efforts already underway.

A four-student team was given immediate access to the Ingleside district police and a network of local community leaders in order to conduct quantitative and qualitative research. Community leaders opened networks for direct interaction with residents whose opinions formed the bedrock of the project’s conclusions.

The research findings addressed the root cause of Ingleside’s issues and provided a clear path to resolving them. The SFSU students learned how to conduct a comprehensive marking plan for improved community-police interactions and also gained experience in research techniques and client management. The SFPD and city government received well-defined recommendations for better engaging the multi-cultural community, and the immigrant residents felt their voices were heard.

Nicole Sroka, Graduate Student, Business Administration
San Francisco State University

Daniel Homsey, San Francisco City Hall
Subodh Bhat, Marketing, San Francisco State University

Key words: law/legal services, immigrants, San Francisco

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Last Updated: May 06, 2016