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The following uniform minimum criteria for awarding courses and experiences an "S" designation were approved by the Service Learning Faculty Council on December 13, 1996.

In order for a course or learning experience to receive an "S" designation, it must:

1. Involve students in service activities or projects with external communities that are responsive to community-identified needs; and

2. Require students to integrate the learning derived from service with subject matter outcomes through reflection exercises, discussion, written, oral or media presentations.

A faculty member seeking an "S" designation for a course will submit a proposal to the Service Learning Faculty Council which should include:

1. A description of how service fits with learning objectives.

2. A listing of service opportunities available to students in connection to this specific learning experience and information on how students will be prepared for their service placement.

3. An explanation of how the instructor will integrate community learning into course discussion and assignments (i.e. through discussion, journal assignments projects or presentations).

4. An explanation of the service assignment (specifics on hours or product expected) and how service will be evaluated.

Additional Criteria: Institutes may add criteria as appropriate to the learning outcomes of their respective disciplines.

Process: Service Learning Point Persons in each of the majors and staff of the Service Learning Institute can provide assistance to faculty in developing their proposals. A sub committee of the Faculty Council on Service Learning will review the proposals, provide consultation to the faculty member as needed, and work in collaboration with the Curriculum Review, University Wide Programs, and Educational Planning and Policy Committees of the Academic Senate as appropriate to obtain the "S" designation.

Deadlines: Proposals for fall courses should be submitted by May 1; proposals for spring courses should be submitted by December 1.

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Last Updated: April 29, 2008