CSU Long Beach

Students wotking togetherCarnegie Designation:
Curricular Engagement and Outreach & Partnerships Designation

Main Leaders of the Application Process:
Juan M. Benitez, Executive Director, Center for Community Engagement

Summary of the Process:
The College Deans and Associate Deans, Department Chairs, Center Directors, and key faculty and staff were the main sources of the information. The Vice-Provost informed key campus leaders that Juan would be contacting them and urged them for their support in the effort. Juan then followed up with each Dean and/or Associate Dean as well as key faculty and staff from colleges and units on campus. With support from CCE staff, Juan and a CCE administrative assistant collected and compiled the data and information received from each of the colleges and units. Juan wrote up the specific responses to the questions and put together the overall application. Juan also followed up with key community partners for additional information and also circulated certain sections to other key campus stakeholders for further feedback and input. Various final drafts were also forwarded to the Vice-Provost, Provost, and President for final review.

CSU Long Beach's Application (.pdf, 661K)