CSU Chico

Three students at tableCarnegie Designation:
Outreach & Partnerships Designation

Main Leaders of the Application Process:
Deanna Berg, Director of Civic Engagement, and William (Bill) Loker, Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Summary of the Process:
The campus website, previously prepared campus reports (i.e. WASC), College Deans, and engaged departments and faculty were main sources of information for Deanna and Bill. Bill made an initial presentation to the Deans and later on to the department chairs about the effort, and both President Zingg and Provost McNall urged campus colleagues to be responsive to Bill and Deanna's requests. Deanna and Bill wrote up specific responses to the questions, and Bill was responsible for putting together the overall application. The application was then cirulated to key stakeholders who offered further feedback on the application.

CSU Chico's Application (.pdf, 504K)