CSU Fresno

Student painting wallCarnegie Designation:
Curricular Engagement and Outreach & Partnership

Main Leaders of the Application Process:
Chris Fiorentino, Director of Service Learning and Civic Engagement, and Lynda Harding, Director of Teaching, Learning and Technology Center who was also the leader for the campus WASC process.

Summary of the Process:
Chris and Lynda solicited general and specific information from numerous colleagues, such as Director of Institutional Research, Athletics Department, and the Office of Community and Economic Development. Once the preliminary set of information was collected, Chris and Lynda wrote an initial draft and then Provost Echeverria reviewed the proposal, For the next few months, the three of them began refining the content to application as well as adding additional information. Once the draft was at an appropriate length, President Welty reviewed it before the final submission to Carnegie. Chris suggests you may want to think about creating a standard format for people to submit their responses to you, which will aid in the editing process.

CSU Fresno's Application (.pdf, 504K)