CSU Fullerton

Reading to childrenCarnegie Designation:
Joint Designation: Curricular Engagement, and Outreach and Partnerships

Main Leaders of the Application Process:
Jeannie Kim-Han, editor; Kathleen Costello, writer; various deans and faculty contributors

Summary of the Process:
In addition to the ongoing efforts of the Center for Internships & Community Engagement to identify and document community engagement courses and activities, the data gathering process was informed by the campus catalog, website, and news articles; a variety of reports (i.e. WASC, annual reports for departments/programs/grants, statistical records); and individual deans, faculty and program directors. Thus, the process begins with a broad literature review. Questions or sections requiring specialized or focused responses were assigned to specific deans or faculty authors (such as descriptions of faculty recruitment and curriculum policy development), who also reviewed the final draft. Jeannie provided the outline, Kathleen collected data and wrote the draft, and Jeannie did the final edit with input from reviewers.

CSU Fullerton's Application (.pdf, 6154K)