San Francisco State University

Many students packingCarnegie Designation:
Curricular Engagement and Outreach & Partnerships

Main Leaders of the Application Process:
Susan Alunan, former Director, Institute for Civic and Community Engagement; John Gemello, Provost

Summary of the Process:
With President Corrigan's and Provost Gemello's strong endorsement of the documentation process, a wide array of people provided input to the application. The Undergraduate Studies Dean, individual faculty, and other academic officers contributed to the application. Additionally, presentations for national higher education conferences and campus documents - the campus strategic plan, student recruitment brochures, annual reports and research summaries from key centers of engagement and outreach were also helpful sources of information. Perla Barrientos, the campus service-learning director, also provided information regarding service-learning impact on the community and summarized quantitative data on student service and faculty curricular engagement. Susan Alunan and staff from the Institute for Civic and Community Engagement were responsible for planning the process and organizing the information. Susan wrote the narrative, and the provost and president reviewed it before final submission.

San Francisco State's Application (.pdf, 932K)