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Faculty Guidelines for Student Transcript Policy

Student Guidelines To Community Service Learning Hours
In Official Student Transcripts

Your academic transcript is a direct reflection of your college career to potential employers and graduate and professional schools. At San Francisco State University, you can permanently record your hours in service to the community as part of a CSL course on your official SFSU transcript.


  1. You must enroll in a course, which has a Community Service Learning option. Sign up for the CSL option, which will require a minimum of 20 hours per semester.

  2. Provide service to a non-profit organization according to faculty guidelines.

  3. Complete the Community Service Learning Plan (CSLP) before beginning service and CSL-Script form (.pdf) at the end of service. All forms must contain an agency supervisor’s signature and your signature. Forms will be available from your faculty member or they can be obtained from the OCSL website:

  4. Service hours must be for the current semester. Hours from a previous semester will not be accepted.

  5. Return CSLP to faculty by due date as stated in the syllabi. CSL-Script form must be returned to the faculty member no later than the Wednesday before final exam week of the current term. Please note that no late submissions will be allowed unless approved by faculty member.


Your faculty member will provide all service activities and a list of approved agencies. If you need additional assistance in finding a placement, please call the Office of Community Service Learning at (415) 338-6846.

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Last Updated: June 17, 2016