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The information provided on this page is for historical purposes only. The Best Practices Manual (2002 edition) is no longer being used by the California State University.

In April 2001, a systemwide meeting brought together risk managers and service-learning directors from many CSU campuses to discuss how to manage risk in service learning.

Three working groups were established to closely examine the issues, review the research and make recommendations so that a best practices manual could be created and used across the CSU system:

RM Manual CoverBest Practices for Managing Risk in Service Learning (.pdf) manual developed in 2002, contains forms, checklists, and descriptions that can be used to help build new service-learning partnerships with community-based organizations, examine existing partnerships, and create positive, safe, out-of-classroom learning experiences for all service-learning students.

The manual was primarily used by service-learning directors, community partnership coordinators and service-learning faculty on CSU campuses.

Color Front and Back Cover of the Manual. Please use both front and back cover if reproducing copies of the manual.

**Universities and organizations outside the California State University System interested in reproducing any part of the Best Practices for Managing Risk In Service Learning Manual, 2002 edition, must contact the Center for Community Engagement for permission.

Please see Managing Risk in Service Learning for current risk management resources and to access the CSU's 2011 Resource Guide for Managing Risk in Service Learning.

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