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Frequently Asked Questions: Background Checks

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Q: Is there ever a situation in which a student does not require a background check when placed at a learning site involving working with protected classes of people?

A: If the student is always under the direct supervision of a site employee (never left alone with the client), then they may be placed at the site.The Learning Plan/Site Documents or Agreement should reflect the direct supervision requirement.

Q: Who is responsible for requesting background checks?

A: The decision of a learning site to require a background check is solely up to the learning site’s interpretation of the laws or regulations that govern it. The learning site is solely responsible for requesting background checks for placing students at their site. The university plays no role in this decision and only needs to know which learning sites require background checks.

Q: When do faculty or staff members receive the results of a students’ background check?

A: Never. The university is not the requesting agency and learning site’s are under strict guidelines to keep all background check information private and can have their licenses revoked if they violate this right of privacy.

Q: If a student takes two separate service-learning courses each requiring a background check, must the student submit to two background checks?

A: Yes, because the results must be sent to two separate locations and background information must be kept private.

Q: Who is responsible for covering the cost of a background check?

A: If the learning site cannot cover the cost of the background check, then it is the student’s responsibility. In some cases, the campus may elect to cover the cost.

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