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Frequently Asked Questions: Implementation Process

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Q: What documents need to be in the placement’s service-learning file?


  • A placement agreement that must contain the elements set forth in the model placement agreement. Sections can be added to this document, but sections included in the model agreement may not be deleted.
  • A learning site pre-assessment form (currently titled, “Learning Site Self-Assessment Form”).
  • A signed learning plan. Can be modified, but must contain all of the elements of the model document.
  • An orientation outline noting the date and time of the service-learning orientation.

Optional documents include:

  • Request to Initiate Campus-Community Partnership.
  • Service Learning Project Planning Checklist.
  • On-Site Assessment (not all service learning opportunities will require an on-site assessment. For those that do, this would be a required document.)
  • A signed release of liability.

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Last Updated: October 15, 2012